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Gen Con 2011

Created on Monday, 25 July 2011

At the convention that Gary Gygax founded, the Memorial Fund will be boasting about our achievements in our campaign to keep Gary's memory alive. You'll hear news like the fact that we're now a non-profit incorporation as a 501(c)3. Also how we were the first successful group to petition for land in Lake Geneva for a memorial to a single person.

The booth will be set up to take donations any way you generous gamers are willing to give. Cash, check, and even credit cards will be accepted. One reward for exceptional donations is a T-Shirt with the Gygax Memorial Fund logo, but the biggest news to come out of our trip down to the "4 best days in gaming" is the book Cheers, Gary. We will offer Cheers, Gary to anyone who donates over $30 at the booth!

Paul Hughes edited this collection of Gary's warm and prolific correspondence with his fellow gamers at the EN World Q&A Threads. The book features introductions by Paul Hughes and Gail Gygax, both of whom will be present at the booth to meet fellow gamers and to sign books awarded to donors. (Paul might also be inclined to discuss his plans for another volume based on the Dragonsfoot Q&A.) Here's a sneak peek at the cover of Cheers, Gary:


If you can't make it to Gen Con this year, don't fret: the book will be offered right here at after Gen Con. We do this in order to show our thanks for the support offered that will make this monument a reality!

Game on!


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