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Created on Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Gygax Memorial Fund is pleased to announce its association with Albion Swords, LTD./Filmswords of New Glarus, Wisconsin, a Swiss community.  Albion Swords/LTD/Filmswords is a leading manufacturer of museum quality historically accurate swords and medieval pole arms.  All of their work is done by artisans with historically accurate perfection.

A little-known fact is that Gary Gygax was considered by historians to be a leading expert in the knowledge of medieval weaponry, in particular pole arms. During his lifetime the opportunity for Gary to visit Albion Swords never presented itself.  However, Mrs. Gygax very strongly felt that it was fitting that an Albion Swords design element be included on her late husband's memorial. To that end,  in honor of Gary's passion for historically correct weaponry and his admiration of Albion Swords' works, Mrs. Gygax incorporated into the memorial design a pair of crossed Swiss halberds, along with a pair of crossed swords utilizing the Gygax Memorial Fund shield,  Gary's family crest.  The halberds were chosen because of Gary's Swiss descent and the swords were chosen to give balance and symmetry to the design and to symbolize protection of the monument.

Last week, while visiting with the artisans and owners of Albion Swords, Mrs. Gygax was able to take a tour of their shop in order to view their exquisite works.  The highlight of the visit was the offer by Albion Swords, LTD, to donate the Swiss crossed halberds for Gary's monument--a most generous gift to the memorial project.  Below is a photo of Mrs. E. Gary Gygax pictured with Howard and Mark of Albion Swords, LTD, along with a link to their website.  Please take time to review the work of the artisans at Albion Swords, and we think you will see why we are so excited to receive their generous donation to Gary's memorial!

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