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Work on Gygax memorial slowed, but not stopped

Created on Monday, 08 December 2014

The late Gary Gygax is now the stuff of legends to D&D fans and the gaming industry.  His wife, Gail Gygax, plans to have a memorial to him crafted from granite, steel and bronze. That memorial, when completed, will stand in Lake Geneva’s Donian Park. Gail, however, is but flesh and blood, and subject to all of the weaknesses that attend flesh and blood. Gail Gygax looks thinner and walks slower than the last time she brought her plans for a Gary Gygax memorial before the city park commission. A childhood illness that went untreated is now affecting her kidneys and liver, Gygax said in a November interview. Earlier this year, she required surgery and a two-month hospital stay to heal the damage.

Now out of the hospital and back on the job, Gail Gygax said she hopes to have all of the contracts for her husband’s memorial signed this month. That would clear the way for work to get started by spring 2015. Final approval however still rests with the Lake Geneva Plan Commission and the city council.

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From the Lake Geneva Regional News
by Chris Schultz

December 04, 2014


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