Don't Take Your Rolls For Granted - Honor Them


We need your help.

Since their creation, role-playing games (such as the original Dungeons & Dragons) have often been linked to helping launch new industries (e.g., computer games, console games, etc.), influence various art forms (e.g., film & acting, writing, painting, etc.), and most recently open the door to investigating game-based learning at every level of our world (e.g., social, education, business, etc.).

Essentially, role-playing games have beneficially touched the lives of millions of people across the globe, producing generations of imaginative thinkers and problem-solvers from gamers to scientists, from artists to military personnel, from educators to entrepreneurs, and many, many others.

More personally, nearly every gamer knows the feeling of a natural 20, whether the roll is a crit at that all-important moment or a saving throw against impossible odds, and few gamers don't have their own stories relating to the feeling of that roll.

The natural 20 is something that connects gamers through a shared social experience.

Your Role

The Gygax Honor Roll is more than just an email list (although it serves that purpose, too), we truly feel it is the world's first and only adventuring group dedicated to sharing the positive aspects that role-playing games have given the world — it is a conscious step towards honoring the roll that has played an important part in each of our lives and we hope you will join us in making that first step.

As an email list, we are hoping to provide the following benefits (and more):

  • Important insider updates and news about the Fund's mission shared with you first
  • Opportunities to help support the Gygax Memorial Fund both locally & globally
  • Unique chances to pre-order Fund-related merchandise

As more than an email list, this will also be your chance to be involved and participate in the Gygax Memorial Fund as we adventure towards our goals.

So, pull up a chair and submit your true character (yourself) to our Honor Roll.




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